Breakfast Club 

Ysgol Awel y Mynydd, Llandudno Junction

All school pupils are welcome to attend the free Breakfast Club. The club is open every morning,  Monday to Friday, in the school hall between 08:05 am and 08:50 am.

8 Breakfast Club supervisors and members of the Senior Management Team supervise pupils within  the Breakfast Club.

This scheme is intended to improve the health and concentration of children to assist in the raising of  standards of learning and attainment and will seek to involve parents / guardians.

It is not intended to replace breakfast already provided by parents/ guardians, but to allow all those  children, who for whatever reason have not had breakfast at home, to have one in school.

This is not a child-minding facility.  It is there to provide a healthy breakfast and every child  attending must eat breakfast. 

Please note a free breakfast is not a right. As a school we can refuse entry to any children on the  grounds of their behaviour being unacceptable. We expect all pupils to use the appropriate table  manners at all times and to show respect to the Breakfast Club staff and the school staff who will supervising them.

There is a choice of the following foods:

A choice of cereals (without sugar)

  • A piece of wholemeal toast.
  • Semi-skimmed milk to drink or to put on the cereals.
  • Juice or water.

To ensure the safety of the children, the Breakfast Club must adhere to a specific number of  children attending the Breakfast Club every day.

Therefore, if you wish for your child to attend the Breakfast Club, you’re kindly asked to complete and return the registration form by midday Thursday, 7 March, 2019 at the latest. The school rules apply during the Breakfast Club.

From Monday, 11 March, 2019, the Breakfast Club will start at 8:05 am. No child will be admitted before this time for any reason.  Entry to the Breakfast Club will close at 8:20 am.  At  this time, the doors to the pupils’ entrance will be closed by staff, so please make sure your child  arrives before then.  Children arriving late after 8:20am, once the doors to Breakfast Club have  closed, will have to remain supervised by their parents/guardians until 08:50am.    

Parents who do not use the Breakfast Club are reminded that the school’s responsibility for the  children starts 10 minutes before the start of the school’s official time, which is 08:50 am. In terms of a safety perspective, children who have not registered with the Breakfast Club should not arrive at school until 8:50 am.    

The school will provide breakfast within a short period (30 minutes) between 8:20 am and 8:50 am,  allowing the children present to have enough time to choose their breakfast and eat it without rushing  before starting normal school activities.

As the Breakfast Club Staff must tidy and clean the hall ready for the beginning of the school day, at  8:50 am your child will go out to the school yard or, if the weather is bad, they will go to their classrooms.  In both cases, they will be supervised for those ten minutes by members of the teaching  staff.

If during the year you decide that your child will no longer be attending the Breakfast Club, we must  receive a letter from yourselves so that we can offer the place to another child.

The Breakfast Club will follow the same fire safety policy as during normal school hours.

Breakfast club rules (Pupil Voice) 

  • We must be courteous to adults and children.
  • Breakfast Club equipment and other children’s property must be respected.
  • We should be ready to help.
  • We must ask permission from a Breakfast Club supervisor or a member of the teaching staff to leave the hall (for example, to go to the toilet).
  • You must sit at the breakfast table unless you have permission to move.
  • We must use our indoor voices.
  • We should be prepared to help tidy up if necessary.

Action for unacceptable behaviour 

We follow the same policies as during normal school hours.

  • All incidents of unacceptable behaviour will be logged in the Significant Events file.
  • In the first instance, a verbal warning will be given to pupils regarding their behaviour.
  • In the second instance, parents will be sent a written warning.
  • If unacceptable, challenging, or harmful behaviour persists, parents will be sent a letter of their child’s permanent/temporary exclusion from the Breakfast Club.

Rules for parents 

  • Breakfast Club cannot accept any child to a club session unless the parent/legal carer has submitted a completed signed registration form.
  • The completed forms should be handed in to the main office by midday Thursday, 7 March, 2019 at the latest, please. Please note that completed and returned booking forms do not guarantee places for your children. Places are subject to availability based on our admissions policy.
  • If your child does not attend on a regular basis, the school reserves the right to offer that place to another child on the waiting list.
  • Any request for change of attendance or for leaving the Breakfast Club must be given in writing.
  • Children are responsible for their own property.
  • Children attending the Breakfast Club will be escorted to their classrooms by members of the teaching staff.
  • On arrival, the children will be counted and signed in by members of the Breakfast Club staff.

Admissions policy 

  • Breakfast Club is offering an ad hoc service. We will only be able to offer this service depending on the number of children attending the Breakfast Club on a regular basis. The ad hoc service will be run on a first come, first served basis as we are limited on the number of  children, we can accept daily in line with staffing levels.
  • In the case of the number of children requiring this facility being greater than the number of
    spaces available, a waiting list will be kept.
  • · All admissions must be registered and the school’s decision on admission is final.