Come & Cook


This recipe guide has been created, tried and tested to suit all members of the community from the very young to the older generation and from people who have never opened a tin to the keen amateur chef.

From the soups and dips, to the fruit fluff dessert, there is something for everybody. It incorporates easy, simple, nutritious recipes that taste great, and give you a practical way to eat balanced meals. The majority of the recipes can be prepared and ready to eat within the hour.

The recipes are coded with symbols to show the cooking methods used. Most recipes can be adapted for vegetarians, or can be adapted for infant weaning. If you need advice or support about when and how to start weaning contact your local health visitor.

All recipes rely on some basic ingredients which you might find in your kitchen or store cupboard. We have provided a list of some basic ingredients, which are everyday foods that won’t break the bank.

We hope this collection encourages you to try some new ideas, learn useful tips and enjoy eating a balanced diet.

Happy Cooking!

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